Covid Offerings

Tata Steel Nest-In has launched specialized isolation room and quarantine ward offerings to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, there has been a clarion call for mobilization and strong action to combat the pandemic and contain the spread. The Tata Group, true to its legacy of standing with the nation in times of crisis, has answered this call and committed itself to fighting this crisis on multiple fronts. One such front is dealing with enhancement of infrastructure like Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Isolation Rooms, Toilets, Smart Toilets, etc. Given Nest-In’s presence and expertise in the construction solutions space, it took up the task of designing, developing and fabricating specialized solutions for one of the key infrastructure needs - Quarantine Cabins and Isolation Cabins.

Having leveraged the expertise and experience of the Tata Steel Ecosystem, Nest-In has come up with the following options:

a) Quarantine Cabin

  • A 40’x 10’ cabin with capacity of 5 Beds and one common toilet
  • Seating area for attendants
  • Additional roofing and elevated flooring for connecting walkways
Quarantine Cabin

b) Isolation Cabin

  • A 40’x 10’ Cabin with 3 separate isolation cabins with attached individual washrooms
  • Additional facility of ANTE room at the entrance of each cabin
Isolation Cabin

Salient Features

ready-to-use cabin

Zero wet

Insulated sandwich
panels for roof and walls

Pre-installed doors
and windows

Factory concealed
electricals & plumbing

Provision for HVAC,
sewage out, water inlet, power inlet

c) Covid-19 Swab Collection Unit

Nest-In’s Swab Collection Unit is designed to ensure a risk-free and safer process, without exposing the healthcare professional to risk of infection.

  • Overall dimensions: 1200 mm width x 1460 mm depth x 2525 mm height
  • Standard glove ports: 6” glove ports
  • Mic-and-speaker system
  • Inbuilt disinfectant spray
Swab Collection Unit
Swab Collection Unit
Beyond Isolation Rooms and Quarantine Wards, Nest-In is offering the following healthcare solutions:
  • Portable toilet cabins for the COVID-19 combat facilities
  • ICU Cabins - Our multi-purpose portable cabins are easily converted to ICU Cabins