Nestudio - Prefab Housing & Modular Housing Solutions

Nestudio is a premium building & housing solution from Nest-In. You can build your dream farmhouse, cottage, office, gym or rooftop home extension with this designer grade, modular, quick to build solution.

Nestudio, Nest-In’s range of premium prefabricated living solutions, enables you to create a premium living or working space with well-designed structures. It ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free installation, providing interiors and exteriors with a premium finish.

Nestudio is a perfect and rapid solution to build a dream cottage on hills or a farmhouse of your imagination. You can even utilize it to build an office space, personal gym, extra room, living space, etc., on your rooftop. Our business clients have also used it to build resort cottages, conference rooms and commercial spaces. Whatever the need, Nestudio fulfils it with exquisite and tasteful designs, which are not just sturdy but stylish too.

What’s More? You can now move into your dream space in just half the time it takes for conventional construction!

Features & Benefits
of Nestudio
Features & Benefits
of Nestudio

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